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7 Best Value VoIP Headsets of 2017

Not all VoIP headsets are created equal, which is why we’ve compiled a list of the best value VoIP headsets of 2017 based on quality, flexibility, UC compatibility and – of course – price.

Most Australian businesses are making the move to Unified Communications (UC), and if you’re one of them, you’ll need a VoIP headset that will come along for the ride. Whether you’re an entry level user, in a call centre, or are on the lookout for the ultimate headset with all the bells and whistles, you’ll find this list a great starting point.

But first of all, we just want to make sure we’re all on the same page here, so let’s look at what exactly a VoIP headset is, and get you thinking about what kind of VoIP headset you actually need.

What is VoIP?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, and is sometimes also referred to as Voice over IP and IP telephony. It is a process by which media communications can take place using Internet Protocol (IP) Networks. In layman’s terms, it’s a way for us to communicate using the internet.

In the past, we’ve used the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) to make phone calls, but with VoIP, we’re using our internet connections.

VoIP uses codecs (coding and decoding of data) by first code your voice into digital data that can traverse the internet, and then re-coding it back into analogue data at the other end. While VoIP can only transmit voice data, SIP (Session INitiation Protocol) can transmit all forms of data, including video and other multimedia. SIP is what we call the “VoIP Superhighway”, and it’s perfect for business phone systems.

What is a VoIP Headset?

First of all, the term ‘VoIP Headset’ is a bit of a misnomer. Whether or not your headset will work with VoIP actually depends on what you’re plugging it into, not the headset itself. For example, if you’re using a desk phone to make VoIP phone calls, you will have to have a headset that connects to your desk phone. If you’re using that same desk phone to make PSTN calls, the same headset should work.

What you may have been looking for on your hunt for a VoIP headset is a UC headset. That’s one that will work with your UC solution or Skype for Business (formerly known as Lync). In this case, your VoIP headset needs to be a UC headset, so make sure you keep your eye out for that term before you make a purchase.

In any case, whether you call it a VoIP headset or a UC headset, you’re looking for the same thing, and you’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for the best headset to suit your business needs.

What kind of VoIP headset do I need?

As we mentioned, the first thing to look out for is a headset that works on your UC platform. When it comes to the other factors for you to consider, that is really a matter of who will use the headset, how they will use the headset, the features the user will need, and your budget.

Our 7 best VoIP headsets of 2017 aren’t just taking into account price and snazziness. We know that some businesses might need two top-of-the-line headsets for their reception staff, but 8 good quality, entry level headsets for their call centre staff. That’s why we will cover all bases in this list.

No matter who and what you need your VoIP headset for, here’s some of the more important factors you need to consider before you explore our list, courtesy of the headset experts at Simply Headsets:

  1. Do I need the headset to be compatible with my computer only, my desk phone only, my mobile, or all three?
  2. What wearing style will be most comfortable for the user? Some headsets come with both over-the-ear and over-the-head wearing styles, however, many brands come with only one, and offer the second as an additional extra.
  3. What features do I need in a headset?
  4. Do I need a wireless headset? If the user needs to be able to move around the office while on a call, then this is important.
  5. Would I like to be able to answer a call when I’m away from my desk? Some headsets require that you lift the desk phone handset or click on your computer screen in order to answer. Others will offer a remote answering feature.
  6. How important is sound quality? Obviously, the sound technology in a headset can influence its price, however, even your entry level headsets have decent sound these days.
  7. What is my budget?

Our 7 Best VoIP Headsets of 2017

1. Jabra UC VOICE 150 MS USB Corded Headset

RRP $49.00

Image of the Jabra UC VOICE 150 MS USB Corded Headset

It’s not fancy, it’s not expensive, and it’s not loaded with additional extras, but it still makes our list because it’s optimised for Microsoft Skype, it meets Jabra’s high sound standards, and it has a great all-round quality.

This one’s for the entry level user, and is a plug and play headset with a call control unit that you’ll be able to use straight out of the box. For this price you’ll find it’s comfortable, has a clear sound, and offers reasonable noise reduction technology – that makes it one of our best value VoIP headsets of 2017.

2. Jabra Evolve 80 UC MS Stereo Headset (USB & Mobile Phone)

RRP $580.00

Image of Jabra Evolve 80 UC MS Stereo Headset

If we were measuring headsets based purely on style and function, this one would come out on top. As it is, we’re looking at the best value VoIP headsets, and this one is a little too high up on the price scale for us to justify putting it any higher on this list.

Having said that, you won’t get a better noise cancelling headset than this one, which means the Evolve 80 is perfect for noisy work environments and your commute home. The sassy style also makes it ideal for personal use. Trust us when we say, if you’re looking for the crème de la crème of VoIP headsets, you’ve found it.

3. Plantronics Blackwire C520-M USB Corded Headset

RRP $143.00

Image of Plantronics Blackwire C520-M USB Corded Headset

This is a brilliantly intuitive headset that will juggle your PC calls and multimedia using Plantronics’ Smart Sensor technology, with audio alerts that will manage your connection status, mute, and volume. It’s corded – which is a no-go zone for some people – but the fact that you can answer a call simply by putting it on makes that fact a lot easier to handle.

For a mid price tag, we think the audio is amazing, and provides great value. The Dynamic EQ feature also optimises the clearness of your voice, and adjusts automatically when you’re listening to music or multimedia.

The Blackwire C520-M is designed specifically for use with Microsoft Skype or Communicator software, so make sure you’ve got it before purchasing!

4. Sennheiser SC 60 USB ML Corded Headset

RRP $89.00

Image of Sennheiser SC 60 USB ML Corded Headset

We promised to deliver the best value VoIP headsets of 2017, and that means including affordable headsets. The Sennheiser SC 60 USB ML fits that bill.

Optimised for Unified Communications, this headset will acquire top priority over other devices that are connected to your computer’s speakers and microphone. One of our favourite things about this headset is that Sennheiser means it when they say, “plug and play”; it’s easy to set up and simple to use.

The voice clarity is fantastic, with Sennheiser’s renowned noise cancelling technology and wideband sound, available in both mono and duo wearing styles. Both styles are comfortable to wear, and the flexible boom arm is handy for keeping the microphone in the best position.

The only downside is the fact that it is corded, but if you don’t have the need to move around the office while you’re on a call, it shouldn’t be a problem for you.

5. Sennheiser DW Pro 1 Wireless Headset

RRP $399.00

Image of Sennheiser DW Pro 1 Wireless Headset

The DW Pro is one of the highest quality headsets on the market, and we know that you won’t be disappointed when you try it out. The only reason it isn’t at #1 is because of it’s price, but make no mistake, there’s no a single sacrifice when it comes to quality. Compatible with UC platforms, you’d have a hard time finding a more intelligent, feature-rich, or faster charging headset on the market.

As we always expect from Sennheiser, the sound quality and noise cancellation are impeccable, which makes this an ideal headset for the noisy office; the HD clarity is second to none.  The DW Pro 1 will also automatically conference with other Sennheisers, which is ideal when you’ve got multiple users using the same phone. And if keeping your ears safe from harmful noises is important to you, the DW Pro 1 features ActiveGuard technology, intercepting and eliminating damaging sound before it reaches your ears. It charges in only 20 minutes – which is impressive – a 12 hour talk time, and a range of up to 180 metres – which is beyond impressive.

6. Plantronics Voyager 5200 UC Wireless Bluetooth Headset

RRP $305.00 

Image of Plantronics Voyager 5200 UC Bluetooth Headset

The Voyager 5200 was put on the market as an upgrade to the very popular Plantronic Legend, and it’s already a bestseller. Plantronics has included their most advanced noise cancelling technology and WindSmart technology in the Voyager 5200, and that’s because it’s mobile compatible and designed to go wherever you go.

It’s in second place on our list because it’s got voice recognition answering (just say ‘answer’ or ‘ignore’ when you get a call), it’s perfect for use with your mobile, it’s charging case provides up to 14 additional hours of talk time, and it sounds like a dream for both you and your caller. Plantronics have also designed the button placement to make it easier for you to adjust controls. On top of that, it’s on-the-ear, ergonomic design is comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

While it’s definitely on the pricier end of the headset scale, we think every penny will be worth it if you’re looking for a VoIP headset that will make your life easier.

7. Jabra Stealth UC MS Wireless Bluetooth Headset

RRP $166

Image of Jabra Stealth UC MS Bluetooth Headset

When it comes to affordability, this wireless headset is (in our opinion) the best value VoIP headset available. It’s optimised for use with Microsoft Skype (MS) and, for such a good value VoIP headset, it’s sound quality won’t disappoint. Jabra have included their Advance Noise Blackout technology to deliver a crisp and noise-free call, while  the dual microphones and HD Voice guarantees a clear listening experience for both you and your caller.

We also like the fact that the Stealth is slimline and lightweight, which means you can wear it discreetly and still be comfortable when it’s not in use. Another great feature is that you can activate Google Now and Siri by pressing a convenient button on the headset, which means you can leave your phone in your pocket.

Overall, it’s got everything you need in a VoIP headset – it’s comfortable, stylish, optimised for Microsoft Skype, and it boasts an excellent call quality. The fact that it’s wireless and doesn’t have too hefty a price-tag means it’s our pick for the best value VoIP headset for 2017.


We started this post by pointing out that not all headsets are the same, and we’ve tried our hardest to compile a list of the best value VoIP headsets which everyone will find useful. Whether you’re a seasoned wearer and know exactly what a good quality headset can deliver, or just starting out and need a decent starter headset, we’re hoping you’ve found something in this list to get you thinking about exactly what you need in a VoIP headset.

If you’re still unsure, head over to Simply Headsets to see their extensive range of VoIP and UC Headsets – you’ll be spoiled for choice. Plus, you can give their Melbourne based team a call to get some personalised advice about which headset will best suit your needs.

What does the NBN mean for my headset?

If you’ve managed to avoid the NBN rollout so far, you won’t be able to for much longer. And while ads would have us believe that it’s a simple exercise, the truth is that it can seem confusing and overwhelming for a lot of businesses.

When it comes to your headset, there’s a few things you will need to know in order to make sure that everything keeps working as it should. While your headset itself isn’t directly affected by the NBN, your phones are, and not in a small way.

All phone lines will have to switch to the NBN

Your phones as you know it are about to face some major changes, and that’s because existing phone lines will no longer work. When the NBN is rolled out in your area, existing copper infrastructure will either be removed, or used differently so that wall socket you currently use for your phone will be made redundant.

From now on, all phone calls will be made using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), which is just a fancy way of saying, ‘phone calls over the internet’. In the case of most businesses, your phone system will use a type of VoIP called SIP (Session Initiation Protocol). You phone system will connect to a data service, rather than a phone outlet in the wall.

If you’re using a desk phone to connect your headset, making sure your phone works with the NBN is crucial. But when you switch, not just any old phone will be able to make VoIP calls.

Will your phone work with the NBN?

VoIP sends and received digital data over the internet, and so ANY phone will have to be IP enabled (Internet Protocol) in order to make VoIP calls. There’s generally two scenarios at this point:

  1. If your phone or PBX system is younger than around five years, there’s a good chance it’s IP enabled, and you’ll be able to connect it easily to a VoIP or SIP service. In this case your headset will function like normal.
  2. If you have an older system that sends and receives analogue data, your phone will not be able to understand the digital data used by VoIP. In this case, your phone won’t work, and neither will your headset.

But there is a solution – enter the ATA

There’s a handy little device called an Analogue Telephone Adapter (ATA) that will connect between your analogue phone and your internet service. It translates information into digital data that can be sent and received over the internet.

When you connect using an ATA, your phone will be able to use VoIP, and it will work just like an IP enabled phone would – and so will your headset.

Getting the right advice

As we mentioned earlier – the NBN isn’t as simple as it’s made out to be on the television. There are a few steps involved, and making sure you’ve got the right advice from a provider you can trust can mean the difference between spending a fortune and saving a packet.

There are providers who will take advantage of people’s ignorance, telling businesses that they need new PBX systems, phones, and headsets. It’s simply not true.

But we’re headset experts, not NBN experts, so when we get some techy questions from our customers, we recommend they get in touch with SpringCom, a telco provider that goes out of their way to tailor a solution for your needs and budget. They also offer an NBN-ready audit to make sure your switch to the NBN goes smoothly. You can give them a call on 1300 857 194.


Plantronics Voyager Legend vs. Voyager 5200

We’ve set ourselves a challenge in attempting to compare the Legend – the most popular Bluetooth headset we sell – and the 5200, which has also been flying off the shelves.

At the end of the day, it will come down to the finer details in Plantronics’ design, sound, and features.

Aptly named, the Legend is a Legend

As we mentioned, this is our highest selling Bluetooth headset, and it earned that title for a reason.

Plantronics make the bold statement that the Legend is the ‘first truly intelligent Bluetooth headset’, and it’s got the credentials to match the claim.

Let’s start with the smart sensor technology, which will react when you put the headset on, so you can answer calls without having to press or click anything. If you’ve already got it on, you STILL don’t have to press or click anything to answer the call – it waits for you to say “answer” or “ignore”.

And if you want to know how much battery life you have left, or your connection status, you can just tap the voice command button and ask it.

The Legend also directs your calls to your phone or headset intuitively, and pauses your personal music when there’s an incoming call.

Intelligent, indeed.

Now to the physical side of things. The Legend is protected against rain, sweat, and moisture damage by P2i technology. During manufacture, nano-coating is applied, giving it invisible liquid repellent properties, making it more reliable, durable and long lasting. The once-disastrous coffee spill will now be like water off a duck’s back.

So, how is the Voyager 5200 better than the Legend?

With all the great features offered by the Legend, we wouldn’t blame you if you were wondering how the 5200 could possibly be improved. Appearance-wise, they both have a sleek and comfortable over-the-ear design, and they actually look quite similar.

The truth is, the differences lie only in the fact that the 5200 does exactly what the Legend does, only better. For example, it’s got more powerful noise cancelling technology, twice the Windsmart layers, and a range of up to three times more, at 30 metres. There’s also a pretty awesome upgrade on the charging travel case, now doubling as a desktop stand and charger, as well as a change in the position of the buttons to make dialing and adjusting volume easier.

But instead of trying to describe all the differences, we’ve included this comparison chart so you can see the differences side by side for yourself:


Voyager Legend

Voyager 5200

Voyager 5200

Features Voyager Legend Voyager 5200
Noise cancelling Triple mic active digital sound processing Quadruple mic active digital sound processing
Windsmart technology Three layers of Windsmart technology Six layers of Windsmart technology
Wearing style ON the ear, balanced design One the ear, balanced design, improved for smaller ears
USB Bluetooth adapter BT300 High fidelity BT600
Bluetooth version Bluetooth 3.0 Bluetooth 4.1 +EDR
Range Up to 10 metres Up to 30 metres
Near Field Communication No Yes
Smart Sensors Routes and auto answers calls, pausing music during calls Routes and auto answers calls, pausing music during calls
Mute System Dedicated button, timed voice alerts, desktop mute alert Dedicated button, timed voice alerts, dynamic mute alert, visual mute indicator, desktop mute alert
P2i moisture resistance P2i moisture repellant nano-coating P2i moisture repellant nano-coating
Smartphone virtual personal assistant button Long press functionality embedded on the call control button Button press; easy access with a red button on the boom
Voice recognition Just say ‘answer’ or ‘ignore’ Just say ‘answer’ or ‘ignore’
Talk time/standby time (up to) 7 hours/11 days (narrowband) 7 hours/7 days

7 hours/9 days (BT600 dongle)

Charge connection Proprietary magnetic charging connector Magnetic or Micro USB charging connector
Charging accessory Portable charging case

Charging case

Legend charging case

Charging case and integrated docking stand

5200 in charging case/stand

Charging case time Charging case provides up to 14 hours additional talk time Charging case provides up to 14 hours additional talk time
Weight 18 grams 20 grams
Plantronics Hub Locate your lost headset and personalised settings (Android only) Locate your lost headset, change languages, wirelessly update firmware, personalise settings and alerts

Final Verdict

Both of these headsets are extremely popular  because they are both amazing in design, sound quality, and features. As we mentioned, the Legend has been one of our best sellers, and the 5200 is quickly catching up.

They are both excellent for the heavy user, and the small differences in features and noise cancelling technology really come down to a matter of personal circumstance and preference; if having the latest Bluetooth version, noise cancellation, and an extended range aren’t on the top of your ‘must-haves’ list, then the Legend will suit your purposes just fine. If they are, then the 5200 would be more suited to your needs.

The other small but important added bonus with the 5200 is that the earpiece has been improved for smaller ears, so if that sounds like you, it could be worth the upgrade to ensure a comfortable and secure all daywear.

At the end of the day, if you’ve found your way here, you’re probably facing the tough task of choosing between these two amazing headsets. And while it is tricky to make a choice, we know that whichever of the two you choose, you will be absolutely satisfied with a top quality Plantronics product.

If you have any questions about either the Voyager Legend or the Voyager 5200, give our friendly team a call, and we’ll do our best to help you make the best decision. Good luck!

Jabra Biz 1500 Headsets

Jabra has recently announced that they will discontinue their popular GN2000 series, however have no fear! The BIZ 1500 is here, and it’s ready to step up as Jabra’s hot new reliable, durable, and affordable replacement.

As you may already know, not all headsets are created equal. While there are the obvious differences in price, sound quality, comfort, and functionality, it takes some thought on the part of manufacturers to get the balance right when designing headsets for a specific purpose.

Jabra have sought to find that balance with the BIZ 1500 series, and they’ve come up with an entry level, corded headset that’s perfectly designed for call centres. This means that they’ve hit the nail on the head when it comes to designing a headset that’s ready to handle high use environments, is functional, and (most importantly) won’t break the bank.

Professional. Affordable. Durable..

…these are the words used by Jabra themselves to described the BIZ 1500, so let’s take a look at what makes this model such a great investment.

Entry level or not, Jabra hasn’t scrimped on sound, with HD audio and Digital Signal processing (DSP) to reduce background noise, protecting your ears from sudden changes in volume. If you opt for the Duo wearing style, you’ll find that DSP is even better at removing unwanted sounds and echoes. For the workplace that’s got a lot going on, the noise cancelling microphone also make life easier for the person on the other end of the line, eliminating outside distractions from your end so that your voice is easier to focus on. The BIZ 1500 aso features  PeakStop™ technology, designed to protect your ears by intercepting loud and harmful noises before they reach your ears, ensuring that the sound level always stays within the safe range.

Available in either Mono or Duo wearing styles, the BIZ 1500 is a great headset for both people who like a single ear wearing style, and for those in busy (and noisy!) working environments who need coverage for both ears.

The 270˚ boom-arm is easily adjusted and built to withstand heavy wear and tear but, like anything that’s made to rotate, if you try to force it past it’s stopping point you’ll risk breaking it. The headband can also be adjusted to the wearer’s preference, and the soft foam ear cushions are designed to keep cool for all day comfort.

Jabra BIZ 1500 Variants

When you purchase this model, you’ve got four options to choose from:

Jabra Biz 1500 USB Mono

Jabra Biz 1500 USB Mono

Jabra BIZ 1500_Product image_08

Jabra Biz 1500 USB Duo

Jabra BIZ 1500_Product image_18

JAbra Biz 1500 MONO QD Corded

Jabra BIZ 1500_Product image_10

Jabra Biz 1500 DUO QD Corded

















The USB variants are designed to work in conjunction with your softphone, while the QD options offer a little more flexibility, connecting to several different devices. Bear in mind that only cables manufactured by Jabra will work with the QD variants, so you’ll also have to purchase a Jabra branded connection that’s compatible with the device you want to connect. The good news is that if you purchase a new phone system or move towards unified communications in the future, you won’t need to purchase new headsets. For example, if you’re connecting your headset to your desk phone now, but want to be able to connect to your mobile phone in the future – you just buy a new cable! So it’s super handy for future-proofing your phone setup.

The USB models aren’t as flexible when it comes to connectivity – but if you’re happy with your current softphone setup and don’t see any changes ahead in the near future, this probably won’t be a problem for you. The good news here is that they’re the perfect partner to Jabra Xpress software, making for easier, computer-based management in call centres or businesses with multiple headsets.

Who suits the Jabra BIZ 1500?

This headset was designed with a specific target market in mind; call centres. It’s durability makes it perfect for situations where it might get a bit of wear and tear, and it’s versatile for different user preferences. The big point, though, is that it’s affordable, so for businesses who need to purchase a number of decent, durable headsets at a reasonable price, it hits the nail on the head.

Having said that, it’s also a fantastic option for entry level use, and just a general good buy for the budget-conscious someone looking to save a few dollars without sacrificing sound quality and comfort. If you are looking to up the ante a little, the BIZ 2300 comes with the added advantage of having a 360˚ mic boom, which is a massive bonus for durability because there’s no stopping point, so you can’t force it too far and risk breaking it.

As far a headsets go, there’s a whole world of options out there, and if you’re looking for all the bells and whistles, you’re looking in the wrong place. It’s a great headset, but it isn’t top-of-the-line (nor does it claim to be). It’s practical, functional, and affordable, and if that’s a you’re looking for, it’s unlikely you’ll be disappointed.

Jabra Storm Bluetooth Headset


If you have used the Jabra wave Bluetooth headset then you are going to love the new Storm. The Jabra Storm Bluetooth headset is the replacement for the wave and they have made some great improvements!

The Storm has been designed with all day use in mind. With an extended talk time of 10 hours (and 10 days standby) this will more than cover a normal working day. Its small light weight and discreet design means that it won’t stick out like a sore thumb while you are wearing it and with a weight of only 7.9grams you will be able to comfortably wear it all day without feeling like your ear is going to drop off.

Jabra have included an omni-directional microphone – in simple talk- a microphone to help reduce the noise of the outside world.  Jabra’s Advanced Noise Blackout™ technology delivers a clear, noise-free call. Dual microphones reduce background noise, so the person on the other end only hears you and not noisy colleagues in the background. HD Voice* brings high-definition sound to the wearer and the person on the other end of the line. The Storm even includes a wind sock which is designed to completely silence wind noise so if you’re out for a drive or simply taking a stroll around the park you can be sure you are getting a clear call no matter where you are.

Like most of Jabra’s Bluetooth headsets the Storm has multiuse technology so you can connect to up to 8 devices and be paired to 2 at a time making tablet and mobile use a breeze and with a 30m Bluetooth range you will have plenty of room to move without having to worry about your calls cutting out.

Jabra even have apps available for download on smartphones to help activate gps tracking on your headset (with a headset so small, there will be a few people who find this feature very handy!) as well as pairing assistance and a headset battery indicator on your phone.

Voice guidance allows you to answer, end and redial numbers, it will also alert you when your battery is running low.

For such a small headset it is certainly packed full of handy features to make any road users life much easier!

Plantronics Backbeat Pro

Plantronics have recently brought out a few new additions to their backbeat series of headsets. The Backbeat Pro is the premium version in this range.backbeat-pro-package

With an extended Bluetooth range of 100m (that’s 90m more than a standard Bluetooth device – when in use with a class 1 bluetooth device) as well as simultaneous connection to multiple devices it is certainly a step above the rest.

Plantronics have managed to pack the features into this headset and have given you the extra battery life to enjoy them. Upto 24 hours of listening time, 21 days standby and 180 days deep sleep mean even the longest plane ride can be fun filled. The LED battery indicator on the side of the headset will also help to let you know when it is finally time to charge.

Not only is the Backbeat Pro a Bluetooth headset but it also comes with a 3.5mm jack so you can connect to most smart phones, tablets and computers.


With extra large leatherette padded ear cushions and active noise cancelling you can forget about the outside world and concentrate on your work or just enjoying your music. What’s also great about these headsets is the automatic play/pause feature – the headset actually senses when you take it on and off and pauses and plays your music accordingly.




backbeat-pro-pouchThe design of the Backbeat pro is also unique, the earpieces rotate so that the headset can actually lie flat – perfect for when you’re putting it away in the included travel sleeve and stuffing it into your bag.



Dual microphones and DSP technology mean that when you are taking calls with the headset the person on the other end of the line is only going to be hearing you – not everything else that’s happening around you meaning that your getting a clear call every time.


If you’re looking for a headset that is great for travel then try the Backbeat Pro – superior noise cancelling, long battery life, comfort as well as the ability to easily switch between devices makes it a sure fire hit!

The Jabra Stealth UC Bluetooth headset


Jabra Stealth UC with Dongle

Jabra Stealth UC with Dongle

The Jabra Stealth UC is an addition to the recently added Jabra Stealth Bluetooth headset. Like the original Stealth it is a small lightweight headset that has all the important features you could want from a Bluetooth device – where it differs from the original Stealth is that the Stealth UC comes with a USB dongle to give you pc capabilities.

With a talk time of 6 hours and 10 days of standby time this will give most people more than enough charge in a day. Weighing in at only 7.9 grams you will be forgiven for forgetting you even have it on. Multiuse technology means that the Stealth headset will remember upto 8 devices and will stay paired to 2 of them at any one time – so you can be connected to your mobile and tablet. It comes as an over the ear wearing style and has different sized hooks and ear tips that come in the box.

Most Bluetooth headsets have a standard range of 10meters however with advances in Bluetooth technology the Jabra Stealth offers the user an extended 30meter range giving you more freedom without having to worry about losing your skype or phone call.

When I mentioned earlier that it has all the important features I am talking about noise cancelling and voice activation.

Jabra have included in the Stealth their Noise Blackout technology which they say helos to ensure clear, noise-free calls. It has dual microphones which help to reduce background noise so the person your speaking to hears you clearly instead of what’s happening around you. The HD voice technology also helps to bring high-definition sound to both the wearer and the person on the other end ensuring an all round quality call.

Answer, End and Reject call voice commands are also a very handy feature ensuring that if you are using the headset on the road you will avoid fines for using your phone. Other voice features with the Stealth include last number redial, voice guidance and voice dialing.

When in use with PC the headset is great for every day use with Dictation software, webinars, skype or even just listening to music. For those moving from office to office or commuting between an office and home the Stealth is a great device as it allows the connection to both mobile and PC all in the one headset. Gone are the days of having to carry around a headset for each use!

For such a small device Jabra have certainly packed in the features and for those looking for something small and easy to use I don’t think you can go wrong!!

Sennheiser SC230 & SC260 Corded Headsets


sc 260 & 230 Corded headsets

sc 260 & 230 Corded headsets

If you are looking for a basic entry level corded headset and are not wanting to pay an arm and a leg but still looking for great quality look no further than the SC230 and SC260 corded headsets by Sennheiser. For those familiar with Sennheiser products you will know that they can not be beaten on quality.

The SC230 is monaural (single sided) headset while the SC260 is a binaural (double sided) headset, meaning there is something in this range to suit all.

The headbands are metallic-reinforced so great for call centre environments where staff tend to be a little rougher with the equipment. They come with standard foam ear cushions but for those wanting a little more luxury they do have leatherette cushions available to them. If you are using the SC230 the microphone is rotatable so the headset can be worn on either ear – the same can be said for the SC260 although the only difference will be which side of your head the microphone is on and which side the cable hangs from.

Another great feature of the SC230 and SC260 headsets is the hinged earpads. Because they are not fused to the headset but instead sit on hinges, when the headset is put on the ear cushions adjust to your head – so even if you have a slightly off shaped head the cushions will still sit in the ideal place.

The microphone is fitted with Sennheisers noise cancelling technology ensuring that the person you are talking to is not hearing everything that is going on around you. The microphone is also semi flexible meaning you can ensure that it is in the perfect position for every user.

The SC230 and SC260 headsets are also fitted with Sennheisers Activeguard technology which means while on a call, should you get an unexpected spike in sound from sudden loud noise or feedback the headset will drop the sound back down to a safe level and in some cases cut the sound all together, this protects the wearer from any acoustic shock.

Like all corded headsets you will need an adaptor cable to connect the headset to your device – weather it be desk phone, computer or mobile. If you are unsure which cable you need give us a call and we will help you figure this out.

There are no real negatives when looking at this headset other than the fact that you are tied to the desk by a cable. But if a corded headset is all you require then the SC200 series is the way to go!

Please note – a change is coming in the SC 200 series – Sennheiser are making a couple of changes in the coming months which will include the SC200’s being released with the leatherette cushions rather than the foam. More details to come so watch this space…..

Plantronics Encore Pro Series

Plantronics are in the process of discontinuing the Supraplus series of headsets – For those not familiar with that name this means the HW251, 261, 291 and 301(N) headsets. Some of these models in the last couple of monts have already become unavailable and over the next 12 months the series will be phased out.

They haven’t just discontinued them for the sake of it, these headsets have been around for a long time and Plantronics felt that it was time for a change. So they have created the Encore Pro series which feature 6 amazing new headsets. They have changed design, streamlined and reduced weights on the units all while maintaining the Plantronics quality that we have come to love and expect. The Encore Pro range now gives then end user even more choices than ever before.

So let’s start with the direct replacements.

The HW251 and HW251N will be replaced by the HW510V and HW510.

HW510 & HW501V

HW510 & HW501V

The HW510 & HW510V is a over the head headband wearing style that covers one ear – so Monaural. The V stands for voice tube. If you are in an office on your own where there is not a lot of background noise or work from home then this is the headset for you. If you are in an office with slightly more going on around you or you have that one really annoying colleague that seems to talk at the top of their lungs when on the phone you may want to look at the HW510 – this incorporates the noise cancelling technology in the microphone to help block out unwanted noise so the person you are speaking to hears you crystal clear.

The HW261 and HW261N will be replaces by the HW520 and HW520V.

HW520 & HW520V

HW520 & HW520V

Again the HW520 is an over the head headband wearing style but this is designed for those looking for a headset that covers both ears – Binaural. Like with the HW510 headsets the V stands for voice tube so keep this in mind when deciding on which one to purchase.

The HW261N has been replaced by the HW710.



These are considered top of the range in the Plantronics corded selection. Unlike the HW510 and HW520 the HW710 headsets come with the leatherette ear cushions for added comfort. The HW700 range has a telescopic microphone so you can ensure it is in the exact right spot for optimal speech quality. The ear cushions design is also a slightly different as it sits on a ball and socket joint so moves to fit the individual wearing it.

The HW301N has been replaced by the HW720.



Again these have all the same features as the HW710 – ball and socket joint, telescopic microphone and leatherette cushions but these are a binaural headset (covers both ears).

The new surprise additions to this series are the HW530 and HW540 headsets.

The HW530 is an over the ear design – so, for those that don’t like headbands for comfort or simply because it will mess up your hair – this is a great option! Weighing in at only 22grams it is the lightest in the range and is great for someone looking for something just a little more discrete.



And finally that brings us to the HW540. This is a headset designed for someone that just doesn’t know what they want – you may have never used a headset before so don’t know what wearing style you like – or you may work in a job share situation where the person you share with likes the opposite style to you.



The HW540 has something to suit everyone, coming with the headband, ear hook and a neckband in the box. I think the detachable parts will make it slightly less durable but if you’re just not sure or need the flexibility the HW540 is the way to go.

I think the new HW500 and HW700 series of headsets are going to be a huge hit! The old versions certainly were and now with more options than ever why wouldn’t you switch over to one of these headsets?

Jabra Evolve Headsets

The Jabra Evolve range of Headsets


Jabra have a brand new range of headsets – The Evolve Series – 5 new headsets that come in both mono and stereo as well as Microsoft lync certified versions.

They are designed to work mainly with computers but there are a couple of models with added extras such as Bluetooth or 3.5mm corded phone jacks.

This series of Evolve headsets vary from low range budgets headsets ideal for casual use right up to top of the line headsets with active noise cancelling, extra large leatherette cushions and ultra noise cancelling microphones.

So let’s look at the range:

The Jabra Evolve 80 UC  is at the top of the range.

Jabra Evolve 80 UC

Jabra Evolve 80 UC

This headset comes with Active noise cancelling to help block out surrounding sounds for the person wearing the headset. Noise cancelling technology in the microphone also means the person you’re talking to won’t hear your surrounds either.

It comes with a 3.5mm headset jack as well as a USB cable with inline controls. The extra large ear cushions give the wearer extra comfort and allow you to concentrate on work or submerge yourself in your music.

Because it has the 3.5mm jack it can be used with both smart phones and tablets. Keep in mind if you don’t have a smart or android phone that you may need to check your phones headset port to make sure the connections are the same size (some phones have a 2.5mm jack)

The Evolve 80 comes in 3 versions. The Standard Evolve 80, The Evolve 80 MS – which means it is Microsoft lync certified and the Evolve 80 with 3.5mm cable – This last one differs a little in its capabilities, it does not come with the usb connection and in line call control. So if you only ever want to use the headset with your tablet or phone this may be a slightly cheaper option for you – and if you change you’re mind you can always by the usb connector (these also come in standard or Lync certified versions) down the track as an accessory.

The Evolve 80 is a wideband Hi-Fi headset that includes DSP to optimise your music and help suppress any echoes. It’s designed to work with all major softphones and is certified by Cisco, Avaya and Microsoft.


The Evolve 65 UC headset  is next on the list.

Jabra Evolve 65 UC Mono and Stereo Headsets

Jabra Evolve 65 UC Mono and Stereo Headsets

The Evolve 65 does not come with the 3.5mm headset jack. Instead Jabra have chosen to include Bluetooth and a USB dongle in this design. The Bluetooth technology will still allow you to pair to a mobile or tablet while the USB dongle gives you connection to a standard PC or Mac. The removal of the cables & addition of the USB dongle & Bluetooth means you don’t have to worry about getting tangled in cables.

The ear cushions on the Evolve 65 are smaller than those on the 80 and do not include the active noise cancelling however they have maintained their leatherette design.

The Evolve 65 also comes in a few extra versions. Not only do you have the option of Lync certified or not but Jabra have also given us the flexibility of being able to choose binaural or monaural designs (the choice of a headset covering 1 or 2 ears) . See the full range here

With a talk time of 10 hours and the portability of this headset is certainly designed for people on the go.


The Evolve 40 UC is next up.

Jabre Evolve UC Mono & Stereo Headsets

Jabre Evolve UC Mono & Stereo Headsets

The Evolve 40 is essentially very similar to the 65. The only difference is, you are now back to being corded.

The Evolve 40 comes with both a 3.5mm headset jack and the usb cable for pc use. Again the ear cushions are smaller than those on the Evolve 80 and the active noise cancellation is gone. The Evolve 40 does still include a noise cancelling microphone though.

Like the Evolve 65, the Evolve 40’s also come in both lync and non lync versions as well as Mono and Binaural options. Like the Evolve 80 these also come in a phone only 3.5mm option. Full range available here


The Evolve 30’s and Evolve 20’s are where we see the next big differences.

Evolve 20 Mono UC

Evolve 20 Mono UC

Evovle 30 Mono UC

Evovle 30 Mono UC









The Evolve 30 and 20 are corded USB computer only headset.

The difference between the evolve 30 and 20 is that the Evolve 30 comes with a leatherette ear cushion and soft carry pouch where as the 20 comes with a foam ear cushion and no carry pouch.

Like the others in this range the Evolve 30’s and 20’s come in both Mono and Stereo versions.

The full range of Evolve headsets can be found here

Jabra truly have created something for everyone with this range from the top of the line to something cheep and cheerful.  Just remember to check your phone connections!